Hiding In The Bathroom Pretending To Poop


I love being a mom. It is a blessing and a privilege to be Jacks mother. He is so full of life, learns new things everyday and keeps me laughing.


He never sleeps, has the energy of an atomic blast and cannot function without me unless I am within 10 feet of his person.

While all of that is well and good, I am a human. And humans get TIRED, and STRESSED. So when I need a minute to myself to gather my thoughts (or blog), I go to the bathroom and pretend I’m popping.

Jack nor his dad want anything to do with that situation. That leaves me in a room by myself with no one asking me questions, or pulling my hair, pinching my neck or screaming and crying (unless I am). And that is marvelous!

A few minutes to breathe and relax alone, is enough to unwind from the day and reset for tomorrow.

Of course I realize that when Jack gets older and can bang on the door and scream my name, all the serenity will come to an end. But for now, when I need a moment of peace- pretending to poop will be my solace.

Where do you go when you need that break?


Poop Belongs In The Toilet! Bummis Liners Review

Poop Belongs In The Toilet! Bummis Diaper Liners Review

What is it?

A liner used in cloth diapers to catch fecal matter in order to help prevent stains and facilitate disposal.


Soft Viscose Rayon
Flushable ( in most septic systems)
Pre-cut perforated sheets
100 per roll


Bummis diaper liners are thin and allow the moisture to escape into the cloth diaper while catching the “crap”. They are easy to use and perforated to tear from the roll easily during nappy changes. You simply lay the liner inside the diaper against baby’s bottom and remove when diaper has been soiled. If only urine is present, dispose in a trash receptacle. If doody has been dropped, pick it up by the corners and flush it down the toilet where it belongs! This makes the fecal matter much easier to dispose of and saves your diapers many times from nasty stains.

We use these liners on an inconsistent basis. I have to say, when Jack poops in a liner, and I don’t have to wash out that diaper, I am a happy mama!

The only drawback is with runny poop. If the liner is too far toward the front and the poop is too runny, the product is useless. Placement is important and not for EBF babies. This product works best for babies that have started solid foods.

These are totally unnecessary but for 8.99, I find them affordably convenient! And i reccomend you give them a try if poop tends to gross you out. I give this product a 4/5.

You can buy these locally in Baton Rouge at Angel Britches.

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