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This is Jack and his Crunchy Mama.

I was not always crunchy, in fact I was quite the opposite at one time. I can remember a time when I regularly purchased plastic “glad ware” bowls and threw them away after meals just so I would not have to wash them, and would buy frozen chunk sweet potato just to avoid peeling and cutting them myself. Convenience was the word- the ultimate ruler in my life. Waste did not matter and health? Sheesh… Health was definitely not at the front of my mind. I have come down a long winding pathway of discovery, and now I love the natural life I am living. Always learning and in pursuit of a “whole” life. I created this blog to share ideas, product reviews and recipes for natural living but from a conservative point of view. There will be a wide range of topics including cooking, health, childbirth & all things baby related. Welcome to my blog and enjoy!

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  1. Hi! I just moved from VA to Baton Rouge. I have been a little surprised at how “un-crunchy” Louisiana is! My daughter is about to turn one on the 25th of October and I really need help acclimating to the area in more natural circles! I even thought about buying a ticket back to VA for her well baby visit because I can’t find a non-vacination friendly pediatrician listed or reviewed online (I also asked the Moms of Preschoolers group at my church but they didn’t know of any)..I would be so appreciative of any suggestions of resources in the area for a naturally minded young mom. HELP! And love. Haha -Anna

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