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Hiding In The Bathroom Pretending To Poop


I love being a mom. It is a blessing and a privilege to be Jacks mother. He is so full of life, learns new things everyday and keeps me laughing.


He never sleeps, has the energy of an atomic blast and cannot function without me unless I am within 10 feet of his person.

While all of that is well and good, I am a human. And humans get TIRED, and STRESSED. So when I need a minute to myself to gather my thoughts (or blog), I go to the bathroom and pretend I’m popping.

Jack nor his dad want anything to do with that situation. That leaves me in a room by myself with no one asking me questions, or pulling my hair, pinching my neck or screaming and crying (unless I am). And that is marvelous!

A few minutes to breathe and relax alone, is enough to unwind from the day and reset for tomorrow.

Of course I realize that when Jack gets older and can bang on the door and scream my name, all the serenity will come to an end. But for now, when I need a moment of peace- pretending to poop will be my solace.

Where do you go when you need that break?


3 thoughts on “Hiding In The Bathroom Pretending To Poop

  1. So true, in the season of having little ones the five minutes of freedom “to poop” can refresh you enough to carry on with newfound energy and clarity. I’m on the other side now and I still seek solace in the bathroom-now it is with a good book and a long warm bath. Thanks for the laugh and reminder πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t have anywhere to go… they always find me. Sometimes I will go sit out in the van though.

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