Guest Post: In Order For Her To Survive

In order for her to survive, I have to get the milk out of me and into her.
I knew nursing wouldn’t be easy. My first two fought the breast and wouldn’t latch, but this time things were different. I wouldn’t subject myself to the emotional and mental struggle of fighting with inverted nipples and huge milk filled breast and a fussy hungry baby. I made my mind up before giving birth. I would pump for her. In my mind, this seemed so easy. I was wrong.
The first 4 or so days she was on formula. I was in tremendous pain from a c section and tubal ligation. Again, I knew how emotional it would be to fight with nursing. So I took the formula route.

I didn’t pump until we got home. I wasn’t uncomfortable or engorged and the milk actually was flowing. By our third day home she was on half formula and half breast milk. I had been pumping every 3 hours around the clock, even if she was asleep. By day 7 she was on breast milk only. I was so proud of myself.

Then sleep deprivation hit. Was it worth it? Could I keep it up? Then I looked at my sweet baby. Yes. She. Was. Worth. It.

I made the commitment to her then and there. No matter what it took I would pump for her. I knew she couldn’t get the milk out. In my mind, I created the scenario where in order for her to survive I had to get the milk out of me and into her. There was no other option. If I didn’t pump she would have no food and she would die. I accepted my relationship with my pump. It was my friend, her lifeline. I never felt shackled by it or resented it. I loved that pump. I didn’t resent pumping every 3 hours. I wanted to. I needed to. I did it for her and I did it willingly. Lovingly.

Family and friends questioned my dedication. “Aren’t you tired of pumping?” How could I ever tire of giving Isa the perfect milk for her? What kind of mother would I be if I stopped pumping because it interfered with my life?

I had supply drops. Seeking the advise of wise mothers I was able to use tricks to get it back up. I used donor milk from loving generous mothers. I struggled. Yes it was hard, but SHE not it was worth it.

I exclusively pumped for Isa for 13 months. Looking back it seemed to pass so quickly. I can not put into words how exciting it feels to have accomplished such a thing for her. How I sacrificed so many things, with a loving heart, for her. Sleep, foods, time, leaving the house, did I mention sleep? I have no regrets. No ill feelings toward that wonderful pump. In fact. I still have it. And can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

I don’t think I could have lasted 13 months feeling chained to the pump. How can you do something and not love it? Changing my outlook on it is what saved me. And Isa.


Who Cares About High Fructose Corn Syrup?

So who cares about high fructose corn syrup? I DO! And here’s why…

What is HFCS?

High fructose corn syrup is made from corn starch that does not have enough sugar in it naturally to be called a sweetener – so the corn must be altered in a lab and only then is fructose chemically bonded to make it sweet. Of course, the corn that’s used is genetically modified – adding to the toxic burden within the human body.- Blanche Levine

What are the risks of consuming HFCS to your body?

Insulin resistance
Liver damage
Weight gain
Mercury exposure

Where is HFCS found?

EVERYWHERE and almost in everything. High fructose corn syrup has replaced conventional table sugar in almost every processed food.

HFCS is not hidden, it’s written very clearly on the label. So why are people buying it? There are a few reasons for this, some do not care about their health, some do not realize it is bad for them & some are under the assumption that it is safe. They think it is safe because there are television advertisements and web pages devoted to convincing the public that this substance is natural and safe.

Wake up people. Obviously regular sugar is not healthy and can cause an array of health problems when eaten in excess but liver damage? Mercury exposure?

I hear people say “it’s in everything, you just can’t avoid it.” Wrong! You can avoid it, you have a choice. You may not always make the right choice but it is yours to make. If it contains HFCS then you probably shouldn’t be eating it anyway because chances are it is processed junk.

Now lets get real. Have I consumed products containing this? YES. Will I consume products containing it in the future? YES. But chances are that it will be unknowingly. Control what you can and do not sweat your Aunt Betty’s brownies that you eat every 4th of July picnic. Read your labels and make conscience decisions about your nutrition. This is the first step to taking personal responsibility for your health.

Happy and Healthy Eating!

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Baby Food In A Jar- WHAT A JOKE!


Let me start by saying, I don’t think “jarred” baby food is evil or that you are a bad parent for feeding it to your kids. BUT!…………IT-IS-A-JOKE!

I want to say shame on Doctors for insisting that parents need to feed their infants puréed food in the first place. Babies that are truly ready for solids are well able to feed themselves, chew foods with or without teeth and swallow and without choking to death. Obviously parental supervision is required when feeding a baby anything. This approach is called baby led weaning, to learn more about this click HERE

See Jack above demolishing a piece of grilled chicken. (No salt of course)

Secondly, shame on you baby food manufacturers for insisting that you are the expert on infant feeding and quality. I beg to differ. Charging obscene prices for disgusting mush… But then again many parents choose to give you their hard earned money.

Parents exactly how much of your money are they getting? Lets see, at a mere 3 jars/containers a day of the non-organic “1st foods”-say pears buying the most popular brand will cost you an avg of $3 per day. In one months time, $90 will have gone to factory processed puréed pears. If you took your $90 to my local produce stand you would be able to purchase 56.6 pounds of fresh delicious pears at 1.59 per pound. At that rate, you could make over 360 “jars” of puréed pears yourself.

This is an example and I’m sure some parents spend way more and some way less.

I understand that we all lead busy lives and convenience is king but when you think about how much that is costing you, it’s sickening. Even myself have purchased organic purée in a pouch before, but I don’t make a habit of it. They are nice on the go but extremely expensive and again there’s an option for that as well.

If you are not comfortable with the baby led weaning approach, no problem! But do yourself a favor, purchase a food mill, stainless fruit/veggie steamer and make your own. Set aside a couple hours per week and make larger batches if need be. They also make reusable squeeze pouches to put your home made baby food in.

I’m not trying to condemn or judge so do not take this the wrong way but I am trying to point out how ridiculous this baby feeding fiasco actually is.

Reusable food pouch on amazon here.

You can purchase a food mill from amazon or angel britches in the local Baton Rouge area.

Stainless Steamer On Amazon