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Toxin Free Baby Care: Episencial Review


Episencial Baby Care Review

Episencial specializes in skin solutions that are toxin free, gluten free, allergy tested, cruelty free, and made in the USA. They target children and babies but obviously can be used for the whole family. This company also uses organic ingredients and a large percentage of recycled materials.

Episencial also claims that:

70% of what touches baby skin can enter the blood stream in under 30 seconds

So if that’s true and I would believe it- we need to think about what we are putting on our kids! Many trusted baby care brands use harmful chemicals including formaldehyde in their products. No way- not in this house- not on my kid- not ever! To my knowledge anyway….

I received my first Episencial products as a baby shower gift before Jackson was born. I didn’t know much about them at the time and stored them away in the cabinet for future use. One day my skin disorder was acting up (I suffer from tiena versicolor) and I couldn’t find my normal lotion. I looked in the cabinet and saw the soothing cream by Episencial. I rubbed it all over my itchy neck and chest. INSTANT relief! I couldn’t believe it! And guess what? No sticky yucky residue. I was a believer from that day forward!

I personally have used (on Jack and myself) the playful wash, peaceful bubbles, snuggly lotion, soothing cream, sunny sunscreen, and mighty shield bug repellant! They make a few other products as well and you can check them all out by going to the Episencial website. click here!

If you are new to their products, you can request a sample bag on the website as well. It’s free but there is a 4.99 shipping charge. To order your sample bag click HERE

I ordered one recently and received a great variety of samples and a coupon for $5 off + free shipping!

It says share with friends so enter the code HEALTHYBABYTIME at checkout.

I rate these products 5/5!!! Try them today!

My sample bag contents pictured below


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