Verse of the Sunday- on a tuesday?

I am going to challenge myself to this 90 day bible reading plan. I hope I can stick to it each day. I have to admit, I do not read the bible nearly as much as I need, yes I said need not should. Thats the thing about grace, you don’t have to do anything except believe BUT I know my life would be much easier if I would read his word more diligently and give my whole self to Jesus. That’s a hard thing to admit- gulp.

Christians are really good at “playing church”, its kind of like playing dress up for adults. We dress up on Sunday, put on our best behavior, shout a few amens and go home the same way that we woke up that very morning. It is sad and it is very, very true. Even in my own life. I am not saying that I am not a Christian, I am. What I am saying is, I have been struggling.

There is no secret to Christianity, its just faith working through grace to pardon us for all filthiness- and all undeservedly. Thats why we make it so hard. Its too simple, right?

My prayer for myself is that the Lord would re-ignite a fire in my soul for his word and to fill me with his grace and joy. I hope this 90 day reading plan is blessing and if you would like to see the plan visit this link: 90 day reading plan.