Cloth diapering Eww! Or Oooh! ?

Cloth diapering Eww! Or Oooh! ?

Do you think cloth diapering is gross? Or impractical? Or what about outdated?

Many crunchy mamas have cloth diapered for years and now we are starting to see the “modern” woman take notice. Cloth diapering is neither gross, impractical or outdated. There are many options for any family structure and budget. Cloth diapering saves a family approximately $1500 over 2 years versus buying disposables. This is of course an estimate, some families will spend more than $2000 on disposables and some will spend less.

Needless to say Jacks crunchy mama cloth diapers. We have quite an array of fabrics, styles and accessories in his CD (cloth diaper not compact disc) wardrobe.

Why I love CD’s:

Saves me a ton of $$$!
Free of harsh chemicals that many disposables contain
Great for the environment
Can be used from child to child in years to come
Wait did I say cute, Cute, CUTE! ?!

Go to a local CDing store and get your hands on them! Play and see which would work best for your family. The modern CD goes onto the baby like a disposable and comes off the same way! It’s not complicated or tricky for the most part. Not all CD’s are created equally- in this case you usually get what you pay for… For my local Baton Rouge followers Angel Britches is the best local option for you.

Ok so there is another side to this whole cloth diaper thing! You do have to wash poop out of them. Here’s the skinny on washing CD’s.

1. Only use a CD approved detergent and then use it on all laundry to avoid mixing.

2. Get a diaper sprayer!!! Makes life so much easier to get the poop out of diapers and inserts. But watch the water pressure and make sure to get down low to the toilet to avoid a poo-shower of sorts.

3. Wash according to manufacturers directions! It’s best to hang dry but I use the dryer for everything in this house.

4. Remember it’s not a big deal if you touch a little pee or poop- this child used to do all those things inside you before birth.

I will be doing a review soon for Snuggly Baby boutique diapers and also BottomBumpers. Be on the look out for those!

Here’s another site for the benefits of cloth cotton babies