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The Disappointing Wife

This article by a fellow blogger touched me and I want to share it with you.


I come from a very long line of strong-minded women. Sicilians on my Mom’s side and French on my Dad’s side. It’s safe to say that if your mind is not made up, we won’t hesitate to make it up for you. You know that saying “put on your big girl panties and deal with it’? Well, we invented the big girl panties and we will be quick to let you know if yours get into a wad! I may look like my Dad’s family, but my disposition is entirely Sicilian…my husband will not argue with this.  He wouldn’t dare argue! I may just change his mind for him really quickly. 

In all honesty, my husband can think entirely for himself, and after 13 years of marriage, he DOES argue with me quite a bit. I’m proud of him. See, he’d much rather just give in than argue. So for…

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