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Improving Birth on Labor Day


Every year there is a rally across the nation for improving birth. This rally is held on Labor Day in various locations by volunteers who want to promote awareness and make a difference in the current birth practices in the United States.

I attended the rally here in Baton Rouge last year when I was big and pregnant with Jack- 8 months pregnant in fact. It was a great gathering of like minded women reaching out to our community on the facts about Birth. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year, as I was moving this weekend. Grrrr…(insert anger and rage here!) But I am sure that it was a tremendous success. The woman who ran the rally here in Baton Rouge is an inspiration and a warrior for Evidence Based Maternity Care- which is the slogan for the Improving Birth Organization. You can read her birth story on my blog by clicking here.

On the very front page of the Improving Birth webpage, there is a quote by the founder that sums everything up perfectly. She said,

“This movement isn’t about natural birth vs. medicated birth.

It’s not about hospital birth vs. home birth or birth center birth.

It’s about women being capable of making safer, more informed decisions

about their care and that of their babies, when they are given full and accurate information about their care options, 

including the potential harms, benefits, and alternatives.

Then, within that choice, they are treated with dignity and compassion.”

~ Dawn Thompson, Founder of ImprovingBirth.org

I really like this organization because of what they stand for, supporting women. I have my own opinions about the way Birth should be and the way that birth should go, BUT I nor anyone else has the right to choose for another mother. Each mother should have access to all of the information needed to make an educated decision about her own maternity care and the care of her baby during birth and thereafter. I do not have a problem with epidurals, or cesarean sections- they are just nouns. My problem is the lack of proper communication, information and support for women that end up traumatized by epidurals and cesarean sections because they did not understand totally. An adequately supported, educated mother who has a section, is not suffering from fear or regret years later after the birth of that child.

If you would like to know more about the Improving Birth Organization, visit the website by clicking here.

Below are some pictures from the Baton Rouge rally provided by Ginny Soutiere.

I love to feature birth stories that are empowered and also those that did not go as planned here on my blog so that others can gain encouragement and support. If you have a birth story that you would like to share, comment below with your email address so I can contact you. We have so much to learn from each other as women through our experiences. Reading birth stories during my pregnancy filled me with hope, inspiration and power to birth my son, MY WAY.  To read Jacks Birth Story click  here and to watch his birth video click here.






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