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The Many Colors of Poison : Food Dyes

Artificial Colors

For a while now, I have been avoiding foods with artificial coloring in them. I knew that they were bad for you simply because they were artificial but I didn’t know the facts behind it all. So I did a little reading and I want to share with you some things that I found.

This is a direct quote from Joseph Mercola that being a mother of a small boy, struck me to the core. He said,

Studies have also shown that a variety of common food dyes, and the preservative sodium benzoate — found in many soft drinks, fruit juices and salad dressings — cause some children to become measurably more hyperactive and distractible.

Meanwhile, E-numbered food dyes (such as tartrazine (E102), ponceau 4R (E124), sunset yellow (E110), carmoisine (E122), quinoline yellow (E104) and allura red AC (E129) do as much damage to children’s brains as lead in gasoline, resulting in a significant reduction in IQ.


There are so many childhood and adult illnesses that we have no cure for and no definite cause. Why aren’t we as a nation, as a parent and as a self- looking at what we are eating? Why don’t we care enough about our bodies and our health to take a second look at the label?

Most of us have heard the expression Buyer Beware right? This expression came from the real estate industry because many times the buyer had very little true representation because the agents were paid by the seller. Well it’s true with food as well. The consumer has no representation, no one watching out for your interests.

Buyer beware of what you are purchasing, many times, you are paying someone to poison you!

Another great article by Joseph Mercola can be found by clicking here.

One more article from Forbes click here!

Make your own food coloring if you wish to dye foods. Here’s a great blog post about how to do that naturally. click here!

Take a look at this label- Inactive Ingredients. It seems insane that these ingredients can be labeled “INACTIVE” when they can cause such harm inside the body.



2 thoughts on “The Many Colors of Poison : Food Dyes

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  2. Are you aware of the Feingold Association – a nonprofit parents formed back in the 1970’s. Its goal is to help communities learn about the link between diet and behavior/learning and to help parents find products free of synthetic food dyes, etc. The website is http://www.feingold.org It is such a valuable org. and our family benefits by it every day.

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