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Breast Feeding Is Not Against The LAW!


Breast Feeding Is Not Against The LAW!

Breastfeeding is not against the law, well at least in Louisiana it’s not. That’s where Jack and I live, and we nurse wherever, whenever he is hungry.

I nurse in public for one reason and one reason alone. That reason is: My son is my priority, not the comfort of others. PERIOD. I will not deny my son food when he is hungry in order to please people that I do not know, and may never see again.

Let me say this though. Even though I do NOT think breast feeding is sexual in any way, as a Christian I try to be modest. I do not want to be a stumbling block to those around me. When I say modest, I mean as modest as possible with a flailing 8 month old on my lap, that will not tolerate a blanket or a standard nursing cover over his head while he eats. So I wear nursing friendly clothes and multiple layers to show the least amount of skin and boob possible. That is what I am comfortable with and what works for Jack and I.

I feel that all babies should eat when hungry and all mothers be able to nurse those hungry babies without fear of attack.

I know of someone locally that while feeding her baby in a restroom at a public shopping mall was told that she was turning her baby into a slut or a lesbian by doing that (breast feeding).

Then of course you hear of the women being kicked out of restaurants and denied their law given right to pump at work or on an airplane even.

The point of this post is- Know Your Rights! Look up your state law regarding breast feeding and save it on your cell phone. Keep it with you I case you need to utilize it while nursing in public.

Here is a link where you can find the laws by state.


Keep your head up nursing mama and do right by your baby!



2 thoughts on “Breast Feeding Is Not Against The LAW!

  1. Man, I’m always wrestling with my own thoughts on this subject. I am totally in agreement with everything you said. I’ve learned that nursing in the Ergo carrier in public is preferable, because I can keep doing what I’m doing, nurse, and still be covered. We just do the best we can and enjoy grace upon grace! 😉

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