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The Birth of Cyan Lovetro: Guest Post

Cyan’s Birth Story

Our final 16 hours – Cyan’s birth story. By kathropologie

As I sit here in the very same place that my water broke, I remember our last 16 hours together in that form. March 29th – I awoke in the early morning 3am-ish as usual to empty my bladder and get a little snack, things seemed pretty normal. We had scheduled your induction and you were coming on Wednesday 3/30/11. My mind was cleared of all the tales of how to induce labor (I had tried damn near all of them).Mid morning daddy and I got up and started our day making egg in a bread (basket) for breakfast, how fitting.. I was sitting on the sofa same place as always and started having really annoying menstrual like cramps. The day before at my 41 week checkup I had my membranes stripped in hopes that you’d come on your own before Wednesday, never did I imagine that it was finally happening! 10am – I got up to use the restroom and felt a very different puddle of sorts that most definitely wasn’t urine. High-tailing to the bathroom daddy came check on me. We weren’t quite sure but we assumed it was your water bag. I had been planning since the beginning to welcome you into this world without unnecessary medical interventions and any form of pain medication; just as naturally as you were created. We had consulted with a doula (labor assistant/coach) to help us get through it. We contacted Rene’ and let her know what was going on. After about an hour we had narrowed it down.. Labor had definitely started, you were ready to see the world and you did it on your own!!Noon – contractions had definitely patterned themselves and we began timing them. I knew it was the “real deal” when daddy could tell me when I would have one and about how long and at what intensity to expect it. They were steadily coming at about 5-7 mins apart and were 2 x 30 second ones and following was one big 50-60 second one alternating.. Active labor was approaching. My water was continuing to break and we were beginning to notice a yellowish greenish tint.. Meconium. You had “pooped” in your bag. This made mommy a little nervous.. So we called my mom, your “Lily” and she was on her way to meet us at home. She arrived at about 2pm. 3pm-ish – Active labor was alive and well! Contractions were about 4 mins apart lasting a minute or so, give or take a few. We were on our way quickly to the hospital. Not long after, we arrived at the hospital, checked in, and went through the nightmare that was triage, we had safely made it to our delivery suite. This is where you’d be born. Where we would finally see your tiny self. 4:00 pm – I had already labored for about 7 hours and this phase continued on for about another 5. Active labor can be really long I arrived at the hospital dilated about 4 1/2 cm which I had been since at least the day before. My first exam was at about 7pm and I had progressed greatly to 6-7cm. For all that active labor at least it was effective! We alternated positions throughout this time, birth ball, warm shower, ice packs, and lots of swaying. I never thought I’d be one to vocalize during labor but there was something very rhythmic and soothing about a low hum during the brunt of contractions. It was as if I was singing a song, my own labor song. 10, 10:30 pm – Transition was finally starting!! Mommy was getting tired.. My contractions were strong with the urge to bear down, moving you through the pelvis and into the birth canal. It was beginning to be intense no doubt. At this point daddy and lily alerted the waiting room crowd that soon I’d start pushing. I was again examined and I was 10 cm!!! Exciting news! Not so exciting was that the dr felt a slight anterior lip still on my cervix that we’d have to get rid of.. Position change no. 50! Mommy kept you moving for sure. 11:00 pm – An hour had passed and we had made very little progress.. Dr. Chauvin came in again and checked for your position. They feared you’re position was OP (occiput posterior aka sunny side up). Scary thought for me considering those babies are quite a challenge to deliver in general much less with no anesthesia… 3/30/11 12AM – Mommy was EXHAUSTED and her body was out of fuel, and her contractions had slowed and plateaued. She had began getting concerned that she couldn’t do it, that she couldn’t get you out.. I spotted the clock, lost all focus of my contractions and let my mind take over spiraling me into a negative mind set. I rested for about 10 mins, funny how you can sleep in the transitional part of labor, the body really is in charge. It was time for a slight dose of pitocin to get it all back on track. They started me at 2 milliunits, the lowest dose. In 30 minutes they moved it to 4 and by 1am I was at 6. Once the pitocin started to work everything picked up right where it left off, nice and intense! You were finally advancing past the ischial spines into the + stations. Yay!! We were back on track. 1:00 am – It was time to start serious pushing, we had gotten you straightened out in mommy and it was time we meet! Needless to say, you’re quite a big boy and we continued on for 31 more minutes amidst the most incredibly different, fiery, sensations I’ve ever felt. I’m not gonna use hurt, because hurt is for sissys.. Haha In no way shape or form was this a cakewalk, mommy is a fighter. 1:31AM – Outside was the most spectacular light show.. Rain, thunder booms, and lightening, it was the most empowering of skies. One last push and you were here!!! Cyan Brooks Lovetro 8lb 5oz 20 1/2in born3/30/11 you are a magical little boy! My Cosmic Love. They placed you in my arms and instantly I fell in love with you, my baby boy. You were the epitome of perfect to me, a longing that had been fulfilled! We nestled together before they took you to clean you, weigh you and bundle you up. The first few moments are supposedly the most critical in bonding a newborn to his mother and now, I know why. Our hearts steadied together, our breathing reflected each others.. You are forever a part of me. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive team to get me though the most rewarding thing humanly possible. Daddy, Lily, Rene’, Courtney and the best medical team I could have prayed for at woman’s hospital.. We did it!



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