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No One Told Me…


No One Told Me…

Everyone that I encountered in the natural birth community told me about the wonderful experience child birth could be. You know… about the power within me, the rush of love hormones immediately after and the great sense of accomplishment that would come with delivering my own baby.

While all of those wonderful things turned out to be true, there were a few other “experiences” that went unmentioned.

No one told me:

1. That after the love hormones subsided, I would feel like a freight train hit me.

– I mean come on, that would’ve been use information! I could have prepared differently to aid the recovery process.

2. The painful swelling of my nether regions after birth.

– No one and I mean no one talks about this. And why would they? It’s horrifying especially if You end up with stitches like I did (19). But again, had I realized this, I could be invested in some site bath herbs or numbing spray ahead of time.

3. That my body would transform into something resembling a tube sock filled with lumpy sausage gravy.

-This one was unavoidable so even if I had known, I could not have prevented this. But no one told me nonetheless…

4. My libido would become non existent and the thought (let alone the act) of “relations” would cause such pain.

-This is a biggie. I only have 2 thoughts on the matter. Ouch & my poor patient husband, God Bless him.

5. That Breastfeeding may not be easy. Or that I would continue to have contractions every time I fed the baby.

-Set proper expectations people! I have actually written a whole post about my traumatizing Breastfeeding experience. You can read it by clicking here.

I know we should focus on the positives of every situation instead of the negatives. BUT! I feel that setting proper expectations are vital to an overall fulfilling experience and necessary for adequate preparation.

If you are a mother reading this- what did you find surprising after birth that NO ONE TOLD YOU?

Me at 37 weeks pregnant with Jackson



10 thoughts on “No One Told Me…

  1. I am surprised at how I forgot, so soon, how terrible the first week or so of breast fedding is! While I will let nothing deter me from breast feeding, it has been extremely hard. They told me the post partum pain and cramps would be worst with second, but I didn’t imagine this. Of course, its not anything I can’t take, but I sure would rather not. I want to enjoy this time 😦

  2. Im telling you: #2 is WAY easier in almost all of these aspects. No one told me breastfeeding would be hard, even when it WAS hard I felt like people were telling me because it was hard I was doing something wrong. A handful of people told me stories of how it was hard for them, and it made all the difference. I try to tell all new moms: “Breastfeeding SUCKS for the first 2 months, but stick with it and trust me you wont regret it”.

  3. I was told that postpartum pain would be horrible with my vaginal birth but I didn’t feel it was very bad. I was expecting much worse. Post-cesarean pain was the most awful pain I’ve ever felt. I was definitely not prepared for that. Likewise with breastfeeding my first I was not prepared for the first few weeks of torture… but fought through. And luckily my second breastfeeding experience was EASY. I think it really depends on each person and each pregnancy. I’ve known a few women say that their recovery was perfect and that within a week they were back at it with their husbands. I have also heard of recoveries lasting 6 months. I occasionally still have some sharp pains on my cesarean scar from 2 and a half years ago. Also, I think most of the time those hard times you go through are kind of forgotten and you aren’t really reminded of it until you experience it again.

  4. Oh goodness, I don’t know if I want to know all of this ahah! Ignorance is bliss, right? I have about 10 weeks to go! So excited, and I guess it’s good to be prepared!!
    Feel free to enter my give away on my blog and looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

  5. Although I had read about it, I was totally unprepared for the awful PPD that’s experienced after my second child. With my first, I had no issues at all. But, after coming home with my second, I think I cried for a week straight! It’s so hard to imagine that such a perfect, beautiful, happy time can be filled with such painful sadness. It does happen, and it CAN happen to you, to anyone! So, surround yourself with positive people, and, if you have other children at home, plan some alone time with them, but also plan things for them to do outside the house while you are bonding with the new baby!

  6. No one told me how sore my whole bottom would be. It hurt to sit, to move, to lay down! Oh, and the most important one? No one told me I would have to pee in the shower for the first couple weeks post-partum!!! It was the only way I could go without it burning like crazy.

    Also. 19 stitches?! Girl. You need a medal of honor or something.

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