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Who Cares About High Fructose Corn Syrup?

So who cares about high fructose corn syrup? I DO! And here’s why…

What is HFCS?

High fructose corn syrup is made from corn starch that does not have enough sugar in it naturally to be called a sweetener – so the corn must be altered in a lab and only then is fructose chemically bonded to make it sweet. Of course, the corn that’s used is genetically modified – adding to the toxic burden within the human body.- Blanche Levine

What are the risks of consuming HFCS to your body?

Insulin resistance
Liver damage
Weight gain
Mercury exposure

Where is HFCS found?

EVERYWHERE and almost in everything. High fructose corn syrup has replaced conventional table sugar in almost every processed food.

HFCS is not hidden, it’s written very clearly on the label. So why are people buying it? There are a few reasons for this, some do not care about their health, some do not realize it is bad for them & some are under the assumption that it is safe. They think it is safe because there are television advertisements and web pages devoted to convincing the public that this substance is natural and safe.

Wake up people. Obviously regular sugar is not healthy and can cause an array of health problems when eaten in excess but liver damage? Mercury exposure?

I hear people say “it’s in everything, you just can’t avoid it.” Wrong! You can avoid it, you have a choice. You may not always make the right choice but it is yours to make. If it contains HFCS then you probably shouldn’t be eating it anyway because chances are it is processed junk.

Now lets get real. Have I consumed products containing this? YES. Will I consume products containing it in the future? YES. But chances are that it will be unknowingly. Control what you can and do not sweat your Aunt Betty’s brownies that you eat every 4th of July picnic. Read your labels and make conscience decisions about your nutrition. This is the first step to taking personal responsibility for your health.

Happy and Healthy Eating!

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3 thoughts on “Who Cares About High Fructose Corn Syrup?

  1. I usually buy the healthier salad dressings from the store, but on a recent trip I felt like I was already spending too much so I opted for one of the cheaper dressings. Almost all of them had HFCS in them! Salad dressing!!! Made me sick (okay, not literally, but still…). However, I did find one “cheaper brand” dressing that does not contain HFCS. Went with that, but still miss my healthier dressings:(.

    If you haven’t thought of it, MSG would make a good blog entry. Just thinking of this because I LOVE ranch dressing, but it usually contains MSG.

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