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Is That Poop On My Leg? Some Thoughts On Motherhood


Yesterday I was sitting in the floor at a friends house and noticed a slightly sticky and foul smelling substance on my leg. I ignored it for the moment and continued on wrestling with Jack. A few minutes later I realized this same unknown matter was stuck to the back of his head. I sighed and wondered aloud “is that poop?” I had changed an especially heavy poop diaper right before exiting my house. I decided that some must have escaped while Jack was doing the proverbial “Macarena” during his nappy change. I could care less if it was poop, I got out a wipe and cleaned it off his head and my leg. This was my life and completely normal.

Turns out it was not poop but the remains of a chewed and spit out creme snack drop.

I was pondering this whole exchange this morning and realized, my life is unrecognizable compared to my “pre-mom” era. Pre-mom, the thought of someone else’s poop on my leg would have put me in a panicked tailspin of sorts, now it’s my new normal.

My new normal consists of lots of sleep deprivation, blowing belly raspberries, screaming fits over naps, late night snuggles, sharing my almond milk yogurt, lots of giggles and my body resembling something much like a sock filled with lumpy gravy. And although I sometimes long for the freedom of the pre-mom era when I get tired and run down, I would never return to it.

I love being a mom. I love my new, totally normal life even if one day it actually turns out to be poop on my leg.

Jack turns 7 months today!



4 thoughts on “Is That Poop On My Leg? Some Thoughts On Motherhood

  1. Haha, this makes me laugh. It’s amazing how your thoughts on motherhood change after you become a mom (down to the “poop on your leg” scenarios).

    And as for your body resembling a sock full of lumpy gravy…so can relate! My sister once compared boobs after nursing as “stretched out tube socks”. But when I start to miss the way my body used to be I remember “it had to get this way in order to have the greatest blessing God can give on earth” and that is our children.

  2. this is a nice funny little post to read today! oh the things that change after we have kids, but we wouldn’t do anything to change those changes! 🙂

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