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Toxic Juice We Drink Everyday


Toxic juice we drink every day- and when I say “we” I mean the general public. You won’t catch me drinking anything Brominated EVER! And I’m writing this blog post to explain why.

First of all what is bromine?

bro·mine (brmn)
n. Symbol Br
A heavy, volatile, corrosive, reddish-brown, nonmetallic liquid element, having a highly irritating vapor. It is used in producing gasoline antiknock mixtures, fumigants, dyes, and photographic chemicals. Atomic weight 79.904; atomic number 35; melting point 7.2°C; boiling point 58.78°C; valence 1, 3, 5, 7. See Table at element.
[French brome (from Greek brmos, stench) + -ine.]


So basically there are companies using bromine in food additives. The most common one is BVO- Brominated vegetable oil. Food and drink manufactures use this substance primarily in citrus flavored items. BVO works as a preservative so that the citrus flavoring does not separate out.

The thing about BVO is that it is illegal in most European countries but NOT in the US. The reason is because it is TOXIC!!!

What can this substance do to your body?

Skin rashes and severe acne
Loss of appetite and abdominal pain
Metallic taste
Cardiac arrhythmias

Then the thyroid issue is the one that strikes home for me having hypothyroidism. Basically bromine prohibits the body from absorbing iodine which is essential for the thyroid to function. To read more about this click HERE and HERE

Below is a screenshot from the website of a popular product, notice the ingredients list… Brominated vegetable oil is listed. It’s not hidden, so now that you have read this blog post, you have no excuse to ever drink bromine again! Right? Promise right now… That you’ll read every label… Waits…. Ok great! If you need electrolytes, find a natural source or drink some coconut water.


Visit the source web page by clicking HERE


4 thoughts on “Toxic Juice We Drink Everyday

  1. Great job! Love when info like this gets out! We switched to Melaleuca’s “sustain” drink for this reason and the sugar levels! :/ love your blog mama!

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