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Eating healthy is too expensive! Fact or Fiction?

I cannot tell you how many people tell me in conversation “it’s just too expensive to eat healthy”. While there are a lot of things by comparison that are more expensive to buy organic or natural over conventional- many things are less expensive.

Here’s an example: I recently went shopping for some items at my local outdoor produce stand. They purchase and stock many local grown items and I love to support local & small business. The small local farms are usually not certified organic but they usually have less chemicals and are not irradiated. Here’s the list of goods I obtained:

1 huge long stalk of broccoli
1 whole cantaloupe
3 lbs dried navy beans
4 extra large carrots
2 avocados
5 lbs sweet potatoes
12 baby red potatoes
3 heads of garlic
2 apples

How much would you guess this would cost in a traditional grocery store? Or even Whole Foods? $25, $35, $45?

I can tell you that avocados are usually $1-1.50 ea, and that broccoli would’ve been $4, Navy beans $6-7 so that about $11-12 right for just the 3 items.

I paid $15 for all of that food. In this case buying healthy local and fresh was a lot less expensive. I encourage you to seek out a farmers market or local produce stand and see the difference for yourself!



3 thoughts on “Eating healthy is too expensive! Fact or Fiction?

  1. I think if you eat simple it can be inexpensive. And by simple I mean, a lot of veggies, fruit, beans, and meat. It’s just hard when it gets into all the other things. Any suggestions for someone who lives 3 hours away from the nearest healthfood store?

    • Yes, 1. If possible start a garden. 2. Learn how to can vegetables and fruit to eat during the off season. 3. Invest in a deep freeze, even a smaller one will help so you can have a stockpile in between trips to the store. 4. Keep major staples in large quantities example brown rice and dried beans.

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